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david seelos, 3D design, augmented reality, colors, pixel adgency, ar, webar, vienna, Wien, Austria, AR

David Seelos

David's expertise is particularly in the area of digital content creation. In addition to video production, editing and animation, his talents lie primarily in 3D design and the creation of AR Instagram effects.


After his school career with a focus on audiovisual media, David was able to enormously expand his areas of knowledge and gain essential experience in the course of his apprenticeship as a media specialist in the Viennese creative agency "Warda Network.”


During his more than 2 years in the advertising industry, David realized various video productions for clients such as IKEA, H&M, Neoh, Waterdrop, Budweiser, and many more. In addition, with the increasing relevance of new media, David has been intensively involved in developing AR Instagram effects. He has already developed various innovative effects for clients such as "Red Bull" or "Amnesty International.”


His skill set is now internationally known, as he was invited to compete at the "F8 Hackathon 2021", an international competition organized by Facebook. David achieved third place out of thousands of participants for creating an AR Instagram effect.


With David’s experience in Spark AR (software for creating Instagram effects), he is currently a sought-after expert in the industry. Among other things, he was able to hold a workshop on his work for Facebook and was one of the few to receive a certificate as a professional Spark AR developer from Facebook after successfully completing the exam.

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